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Silk Face Mask - Oxford Blue

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This silk face mask is an elegant and precious item.  It comes with a case, made of the same silk, to protect it when you are not wearing it.

Laboratory-based tests have shown that silk is among the fabrics that could be more appropriate for face coverings thanks to its natural properties. In fact, silk is a material that not only feels soft and gentle at the touch but it also is a hydrophobic barrier to droplets, can be more breathable than other fabrics that trap humidity, and is re-useable via cleaning.

Disclaimer: This silk face mask is designed for consumption, non-medical purposes ONLY. It is not designed to be or replace any medical-grade PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). It may, however, be used in conjunction with medical-grade PPE.



95% silk, 5% ea


SIZE: unique Silk Case: 10 x 10 cm Silk Mask: 11x22 cm *open

Care Instructions

Being made of a delicate material, it requires special care. It should only be hand washed and with mild soaps. Do not rub it. Do not iron it.