Custom Product

Each and every item from the Stjx collection has been hand-made in Italy with care and traditional expertise.

We dedicate time to carefully select the materials we use for each of those items and we are more about the quality than the quantity.

We value this so much that we are taking a direction that is more towards the 'on-demand' so that each of the items is potentially even more precious to the consumer. 

In a world where mass production rules and consumption rises we prefer to be slow, to appreciate the time of the selection, of the making, of the process. 

Carrying on with a tradition means coming to terms with the wait which ultimately makes you value the product even more. 

For this reason, we introduced the Custom Section which is where you play a part. 

Do you see any item from the collection that you like? Would you like to see it in another color or customised for you?

We are happy to open a dialogue with you and try to meet, where possible, your expectations.


  • Select an item

    identify the item that you like from the Stjx collections

  • Tell us what you need

    explain to us what you would like:

    different color, initials,... you tell us

  • We find the solution for you

    we try our best to find solutions you like, and then produce an item just for you and that meets your expectations

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