The brand

Unconventional limited editions and bespoke creations 

Stjx is the love child of an Italian entrepreneur.

It is an idea fuelled by our heritage of textile tradition and passion for innovation and performance.

Our task is to reinterpret garments and personal items for contemporary connoisseurs – an experiment that blurs the boundaries between craftsmanship and science. A mission that we are destined to accomplish in the search for originality.

Stjx combines the finest Italian craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to create unique items that amaze and delight. It is the deliberate integration of these two forces that translates into the timeless style that symbolises Stjx.

Each item is designed and made by hand to meet the rigors of today’s life and for future generations. The beauty and finish of each unique item can be maintained with a little care and attention as it is used.
The Stjx center can offer advice, repair, and restoration if necessary.

 Stjx is a brand owned by pielleitalia